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Agents of Change Education (ACEs)

Peer education programme

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Agents of Change Education (ACEs) are HAICU's peer educators and student facilitators. ACEs work to create a change-competent community in which people are encouraged to contribute to fostering institutional change at UCT and recognising that they have a vital contribution to make.

The ACEs are trained by HAICU and equipped with facilitation skills to transfer knowledge to their peers about, among other topics, Inclusivity, power & privilege, sexual diversity, race, class, HIV & gender-based violence and bystander interventions.

The ACEs then conduct awareness workshops and work to create safe social spaces in which issues related to HIV & gender-based violence can be discussed candidly and in a confidential way. Matters such as race, class, sexual diversity, power& privilege are dealt with on an on-going basis at campaigns and in the residence workshops during term-time.

During Orientation Week, they interact with 'Freshers' through basic information workshops around the subject of Inclusivity and related issues, and also distribute information which include learnings about what consent means, where to test for HIV and how to report cases of sexual violence.