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Examination accommodations

If you have certain disabilities and medical conditions that affect your ability to perform in tests or examinations you may qualify for special arrangements.

Apply to the Disability Service for the following:

  1. Use of a computer as an alternative to handwritten exam scripts if you have handwriting difficulties.
  2. Use of text-to-speech software (eg, Texthelp Read and Write Gold) to help with reading test and exam papers.
  3. Use of Texthelp Read and Write Gold if you have a disorder of written expression. This takes the place of a scribe.
  4. Use of speech-to-text software (eg, Dragon Naturally Speaking). If you are unable to use speech-to-text software then there may be an option of dictating answers to a scribe.
  5. Assistive furniture if you have back or other physical injuries.
  6. Use of assistive software if you are visually impaired, eg, Zoomtext and Jaws and Magnifying devices (Merlin Print Enlarger).
  7. Accessible writing venue if you use a wheelchair or have mobility difficulties.
  8. Secluded writing locations.

The long-term extra-time concession is applied for through the Disability Service, but is approved through a process that involves other university structures. The extra-time concession is not granted on grounds of a mental health disability. If you have a mental health disability, apply for access to a secluded examination venue. Further information is provided below.

Reports from qualified professionals are required to quality for this assistance. Exams will be completed away from the main exam venue.


The Disability Service hosts the exam venue if you need additional, specialised exam arrangements, such as:

  • use of a computer
  • assistive software
  • podiums
  • kneeling chairs
  • scribes
  • use of the bed
  • access to a secluded writing space.

If you have an extra-time concessions but do not need the assistance listed above, then you will write exams in the extra-time venues arranged by the Exams Office.

Applications for extra-time concessions

Applications for an extra-time concession are considered by a subcommittee of the Senate. UCT’s policy regarding the granting of long-term extra-time concessions is explained in the document, “Information about applying for a long-term concession for extra time in examinations”. If you have a specific learning disability or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) a report from a registered psychologist is required.

More information is available in these documents:

Important deadlines

Please note all arrangements and concessions need to be made well in advance of examinations. The deadlines for registration with the Disability Service and for the submission of all supporting documentation are as follows:

First semester deadlines:

  • Registration with the Disability Service: 20 March
  • Final date for the submission of your documents: 23 April.

Second semester deadlines:

  • Registration with the Disability Service: 20 August
  • Final date for the submission of your documents: 23 September.