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Disabled parking policy

The University of Cape Town is committed to ensure designated parking for people with disabilities. A number of Designated bays have been allocated for this purpose. However, as a result of heavy demands on this facility we have to prioritize the allocation of bays for people whose need is greatest. We will do all we can to make sure that those really needing designated parking bays can be reasonably assured of access to them. Staff and students will be eligible to apply for special parking in terms of the following categories of impairment and/or chronic illness:

  1. Persons who are long-term wheel chair users are entitled to a designated bay. This is the only case in which no medical certification is required.
  2. Persons with permanent debilitating conditions - severe arthritis, neuro-muscular disorders, etc.
  3. Persons with severe respiratory and cardiac conditions.
  4. Persons who need to make use of a wheelchair in the short-term.
  5. Persons whose mobility or stamina is seriously impaired after major surgery and/or trauma or through illness.

    The medical documentation in support of special parking for students and staff with injuries or impairments resorting under 4 and 5 above should stipulate the time at which the person is expected to regain reasonable mobility.

  6. Backache

    In the case of back problems parking privileges will be allocated under specific conditions. They include:

    1. the back injury being of such a nature as to require support, by way of a brace or other mechanical device;
    2. recent surgery to rectify back pathology, such as a spinal fusion. In this case, we would also need an estimate of the time this special provision would be required;
    3. persons with severe debilitating degenerative spinal conditions
  7. Pregnancy

    Pregnancy is a natural state, and in most cases pregnant women are able and should be encouraged to continue with normal activities and moderate exercise. Special parking provisions will only be considered in a case where a gynaecologist is of the opinion that mild exercise or the normal activity of walking poses a significant threat to the health of either the mother or the baby.

    • Persons with disabilities requiring special parking should register with the Disability Service. The application pack includes a form which needs to be completed by a medical practitioner.
    • Parking privileges will be allocated depending on availability and whether the applicant meets the criteria set out above.

    • Parking may be offered at an appropriate UCT park & ride facility, from where persons would be transported to their required venues and back by means of the bus designated for staff and students with disabilities.