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Disabled parking policy

The University of Cape Town provides designated parking for people with disabilities. But parking is limited and we prioritise the allocation of bays for people whose need is greatest. We do all we can to make sure that those needing designated parking bays can be reasonably assured of getting one.

Staff and students may apply for special parking in the following circumstances:

  1. Long-term wheelchair users (This is the only case in which no medical certificate is required.)
  2. Permanent debilitating conditions – severe arthritis, neuromuscular disorders, etc
  3. Severe respiratory and cardiac conditions
  4. Short-term use of a wheelchair*
  5. When mobility or stamina is seriously impaired after major surgery, trauma or through illness*.

For items 4 and 5 above, medical documentation is needed to stipulate the time expected before reasonable mobility is regained.

  1. Backache
    In the case of back problems parking privileges may be allocated under the following conditions:
    • a back injury that requires support, by way of a brace or other mechanical device
    • recent surgery such as a spinal fusion (A timeframe for recovery is required.)
    • severe debilitating, degenerative spinal conditions.
  2. Pregnancy
    Special parking will only be considered when a gynaecologist is of the opinion that mild exercise or the normal activity of walking poses a significant threat to the health of either mother or baby.

Persons with disabilities should register with the Disability Service.

Parking privileges will be allocated depending on availability and whether the applicant meets the criteria set out above.

Parking may be offered at an appropriate UCT park and ride facility, where suitable bus transport is available.