Jammie Bike


It is an initiative by the University of Cape Town's Properties and Services Department in conjunction with the Green Campus initiative and is intended to encourage those who do not have access to bicycles to rent them for travel to campus. UCT's cycle infrastructure and cycle route maps, as well as the Jammie Bike Pilot Project, also form part of its Campus Access Management Plan, and aims to encourage non-motorised access to campus.

We have 200 21-speed robust bicycles, branded with the Jammie Bike logo, up for lease on an annual basis as part of a pilot project.

Why Jammie Bike?

Transport of UCT staff and students has been identified as a priority in terms of campus sustainability/greening and reducing UCT's the carbon footprint.

In order to promote a shift away from private car use, Properties and Services has been investing in the design and implementation of cycling infrastructure on Main Campus, comprising road markings, signage and bike parking racks and stations.

Jammie Bike road sign Jammie Bike sign

Cycle routes

The new cycle routes were chosen after intensive investigation of potential routes with by Properties and Services specialist consultants, and with the participation of student and staff cyclists. The City of Cape Town was also consulted to ensure integration of the UCT routes with the City's proposed non-motorised transport (NMT) plans, and the UCT cycle network was approved by the City officials.

Cycle route description

Jammie Bike routeThe routes lead the cyclist on paths that are considered safest/less risky, and with an easier gradient and through pleasant environments. Routes that were considered too hazardous (such as Woolsack Drive and the northern entrance to UCT) have not been provided with this infrastructure. The two principal routes from Main Road or Lower Campus are via roads through Middle campus. From Rondebosch Main Road a route travels up Grotto or Burg, via Stanley Road up to Rhodes Drive, through the underpass at the UCT rugby fields , swings south towards the southern entrance to UCT, and on up to Rugby Road and University Avenue. If aiming for the northern end of campus, a cyclist would cross over the bridge on Baxter Road, then ride up through Middle Campus on the path above the embankment along Woolsack Drive, towards the parking area of the Sports Centre, through the Sport Centre using the ramp and arrive on Rugby Road. A dedicated cycle lane has been installed along Rugby Road, which is particularly narrow, whereas in other locations the cyclist shares the road with vehicles. Motorists are warned to "pass wide", a ruling supported by the provincial government that requires a motorist to leave 1,5m space when passing a cyclist. Other cycle routes are shared with pedestrians, as would be indicated by the signage.

Parking racks

Bike parking racks will be installed in groups around the campus, especially at transport hubs, where bikes can be securely locked. These racks have been carefully selected for security and robustness, with aesthetic appearance a further consideration. Where the cyclist has less confidence or cannot manage the gradient, the bike can be left for the day at a secure bike parking station and the student can catch the Jammie to campus.