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Information & Communication Technology Services (ICTS)

ICTS is a support organisation that assists staff and students at the University of Cape Town in using information and communication technologies to enhance their work

Who does ICTS support?

ICTS offers a different set of services and support to two distinct groups of users: staff and students.

Support for Staff

UCT staff and postgraduate students are supported by the IT Helpdesk.

First-level support

The IT Helpdesk offers first-level support to staff and postgraduate students.

All calls to the IT Helpdesk are logged using a call management system called ServiceNow, which facilitates the tracking, reporting and resolution of calls.

Staff and postgraduate students can contact the helpdesk using one of three methods

Second-level support

If a helpdesk consultant is unable to assist a caller over the phone, and it is determined that a desktop visit is required, the call is referred to the second-level (on-site) support team.

Third-level support

Certain types of calls, e.g. requests for more technical systems administrative functions and support, are routed directly to the Technical Support Services team.

Support for Students

Student labs

Undergraduate information and communication technology (ICT) support is provided in the student labs.

The student lab administrators are the interface for undergraduate students into ICTS.

Students requiring assistance should contact the administrators in the student lab to which they have access, and not the IT Helpdesk.

Networking in residences

ICTS supports Student Housing & Residence Life (SH&RL) by providing students in residence with access to ResNet, the residence network.

For support, log a call with the IT Helpdesk.

For more information on ICTS and its services please visit the ICTS website.

ICTS services

The ICTS provides a comprehensive range of services and support to staff and students, including:

  • servers, file services and storage
  • anti-virus and security
  • desktop hardware and software (acquisition, maintenance and support)
  • network printing
  • training
  • email, calendar and mailing lists
  • phone and fax services, including the main UCT switchboard
  • administrative systems support (such as SAP R/3, PeopleSoft)
  • student computing support (such as student labs, residence networking)

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Operational support and maintenance

In addition to handling support requests, ICTS is also responsible for regular operational and maintenance work for all the systems and services on the UCT network.