Bursaries & scholarships

UCT merit and need awards

Assistance for honours, master's and doctoral students is granted primarily on the basis of merit.

Apply first to the National Research Foundation (NRF) and the Medical Research Council (MRC).

University-sourced merit awards can only be applied for by students who have already applied to the NRF.

South African applicants for UCT merit and needs-based awards are required to complete Form 10A:

2019 Call for Honours applications for financial assistance for SA and PERM SA students for 2019 (Form 10A)

Continuing students applying for renewal are required to complete Form 10B.

Each December individual faculties make merit awards to graduating students who have performed exceptionally well. The academic departments identify recipients, and an application form for this category of award is not required.

Please refer to booklet 14 (see right column) for full details.