Postgraduate degree funding

About the office

About Postgraduate Funding and Administration at UCT

Postgraduate studies play a vital role in developing the skills necessary for success in a knowledge-driven economy, both locally and internationally. In recognition of the importance of fostering postgraduate students and growing the number of postgraduate registrations, the Postgraduate Funding Office and Postgraduate Centre were established at the University of Cape Town to provide holistic support to postgraduate students and, in particular, to ensure that potential students have access to all available funding.

The Postgraduate Funding Office – PGFO is responsible for management and administration of postgraduate and postdoctoral awards, as well as for monitoring the postgraduate and postdoctoral sectors and for the development of policies and procedures for financial and other types of support.

The PGFO is situated on the upper level of the Otto Beit Building on the Upper Campus (adjacent to Jameson Hall on the north side), and within easy walking distance from most faculties and departments. Our staff are there assist you with any enquiries, advise you on the diverse funding opportunities available to postgraduate students, and help with submission of applications for funding