Discrimination & harassment


The Office for lnclusivity and Change (OIC) offers the following services in relation to sexual offences and discrimination:

  • Office of first report for rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment, harassment and all forms of discrimination and marginalisation.
  • 24hr emergency assistance for rape and sexual assault survivors.
  • Support, advice and assistance for both complainants and respondents from the time of reporting through to case completion.
  • Advice and support in related procedures such as domestic violence, no contact applications, court preparation and trials.
  • Assistance and support in student tribunals and disciplinary hearings.
  • Workshops and awareness campaigns.
  • Mediation services upon request by staff and students.

OIC contact details: 
Rashieda Khan
Survivor Support
Office Tel: 021 650 3530
24/7 Hotline (sexual assault emergency response): 072 393 7824

Respondents in sexual and gender violence matters may contact:
Francois Botha
Relations Strategist
Office Tel: 021 650 5948

Located at:
The Cottage
Lovers' Walk
Lower Campus South