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National Benchmark Tests

Admissions and placement tests have been used at UCT for over 30 years. The National Benchmark Tests (NBTs) are administered by the Centre for Educational Testing for Access and Placement (CETAP) on behalf of Universities South Africa (USAF).

Full information about the NBTs is available in the UCT undergraduate prospectus.

Visit the NBT website.

Undergraduate study applications 2021 – The National Benchmark Tests
The National Benchmark Tests (NBTs) have been a requirement for undergraduate admission at the University of Cape Town. Given the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the NBT testing programme, the NBTs will not be part of the admission criteria for admission to UCT in 2021. As a result, UCT is considering amendments to the current criteria and expects this to be finalised soon. Prospective applicants are advised to submit their study applications without delay and to make sure that they submit their Grade 11 final school results to be considered for an early conditional offer of admission.

Royston Pillay

30 May 2020