SPARCO Contacts

SPARCO Tanzanian Hub

Person Role email
Prof. Julie Makani Principal Investigator
Dr. Furahini Tluway Project Manager


SADaCC Contacts

Person Role e-mail
Prof. Ambroise Wonkam Principal Investigator
Dr. Victoria Nembaware Project Manager

SADaCC Site Address:

4.25.1 Falmouth Building
UCT Faculty of Health Sciences
Anzio Road

Paediatric Surgery Web Meetings

Dear Colleagues

Dr Karen Milford will be presenting “Acute Scrotum'' on 08 December 2017.   Dr Karen Milford is a Paediatric Surgery Registrar in Cape Town.

Best wishes

Alp Numanoglu

DATE: 08 December 2017
Time: 14:00 South African

1) Click on the link

2) When you are prompted during logging in, please choose "Enter as a guest" and write your name and surname, than click enter room.

IAS Mark Wainberg Fellowship Programme: Experts in HIV Service Delivery

The Mark Wainberg Fellowship Programme, an initiative of the IAS Educational Fund, is aimed at contributing to improving the quality of HIV service delivery in resource-limited settings by providing two-year fellowships to five clinicians from sub-Saharan Africa, who will spend one year in Europe and one year in Africa at clinical institutions.


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