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Student affairs

The Department of Student Affairs offers a range of support services and facilitates development opportunities. As a student-centred service, the department is dedicated to enabling students to succeed academically, become engaged citizens and to reach their full potential. The approach is holistic and developmental, encouraging students to become well-rounded individuals who are able to make significant contributions in all walks of life.

  • The Student Development Cluster is responsible for the provision of student leadership development and support to student governance structure. The four divisions that provide such services are: Student Governance & Leadership; Student Orientation & Advocacy Service; Student Life & Development; and Student Sport & Recreation.
  • The Student Funding & Administration Cluster is responsible for the provision of financial assistance to eligible students and for providing a treasury service to student governance structures through the divisions of Student Financial Aid, and Administration.
  • The Student Housing & Residence Life Cluster is responsible for providing student accommodation on campus as well as programmes to promote a positive living-learning experience that contributes to the development of the whole-student. Students are also assisted to secure off-campus accommodation through the Off-Campus Student Accommodation Service (OCSAS).
  • The Student Wellness Service Cluster provides a professional health and counselling service to students at a primary health care level. The service is dedicated to assisting students in making healthy lifestyle choices in relation to nutrition, alcohol, safer sex, relationships and stress management amongst others, in support of academic success.