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Specialised examination requests

PLEASE NOTE: While we are able to verify whether a person has a specified qualification from UCT or not, we are not able to release to parents, guardians and other third parties any private information pertaining to current or past students' academic records, nor can we release copies of those academic records without written consent or proof of power of attorney, unless the disclosure complies with an obligation imposed by law.

Deferred examinations

Notice to students - June 2018 deferred exam guidelines

Please see Rule G27 and G28 in General Rules & Policies handbook (Book 3). The ACA44 application form can be downloaded from this page, along with the applicable ACA44a/b to go with it: www.forms.uct.ac.za.

Extra time

Please see Rule G25 in the General Rules & Policies handbook (Book 3).

PLEASE NOTE:The extra time exam venue for June and November 2018 exams is Kramer Law Building Lecture Theatre 1 (except for students whose letters specifically state that they write at the Disability Service). As such, students whose letters from previous years state Arts Building or Leslie Social Science Building, must all go to Kramer Law Building. 

Students with Health Sciences or Music courses need to check with their departments if they will be writing in the special venue, as the Exams Office does not set these exam venues.

Examination script recounts

Please note that the Student Records Office no longer processes recounts. Please contact the department concerned to administer the recount (there are no re-marks). For more information on access to examination scripts, see Rule G24 in General Rules & Policies handbook (Book 3).