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Attention Apple Mac users:

Please do not complete, save and send the Adobe Acrobat form to us on an Apple Mac - the form will be blank when viewed on a PC. Rather, print it out once you have completed it, and then scan and email, or fax it to us. You can also hand in the form at our office (see address to which you must send your appeal below).

Readmission Appeal Information Sheet

This webpage sets out the procedures you must follow if you wish to appeal the Faculty Examination Committee decision to deny you re-registration in 2018.

An academic standing at the end of 2017 of ‘not eligible to continue’ (RENN) means that you are not permitted to renew your registration in 2018 as you have not met the minimum academic requirements to do so.

An academic standing at the end of 2017 of ‘eligible to continue if SUPP/DE passed’ (SUPP) means that your readmission to UCT in 2018 depends on the outcome of your supplementary/deferred examinations. You must appeal before your supplementary/deferred examination results are released at the end of January. If you do not appeal by the deadline and you later fail your supplementary or deferred examinations, you will not be allowed to submit a late appeal.

Each Faculty has a Readmission Appeal Committee (RAC). The RAC meets to consider appeals from students who have failed to meet the re-registration requirements but are appealing for readmission. Your appeal goes to ONE faculty RAC only. This need not be the faculty where you were registered in 2017.

Please note that the RAC is the only body that can hear your appeal and its decision will be final. No second or further appeal to a higher body is possible. As such, you must include all evidence of circumstances that would justify your readmission in your appeal. Such evidence would include, for example, medical/death certificates, sworn affidavits, travel itineraries and tickets.

  • The Readmission Appeal Process

    Step 1: Read this information sheet carefully.

    Step 2: Complete the correct appeal form (make sure that you have completed the checklist at the end of this information sheet). Please note that undergraduate and postgraduate students have separate forms.

    Please make sure that before you submit your appeal that you make and keep a copy of your appeal form and any supporting documentation.

    Step 3: Upload your appeal to the Student Records Office by the deadline date and time:

    - RENN: Thursday 04 January 2018 by 12h00

    - SUPP: Friday 12 January 2018 by 12h00

    Your appeal form and supporting documents can only be submitted to the Student Records Office.

    We strongly encourage you to submit your form electronically (see page four). This not only simplifies the process but allows for faster and more efficient communication with the RAC. It has the added benefit of ensuring that your documents are not delayed in reaching us or lost in the post.

    Step 4: The Student Records Office prepares an appeal folder that will be sent to your faculty’s RAC. Please do not include your UCT and matric results in your application. This package will be sent to the Faculty RAC to which you have appealed.

    Step 5: The RAC will consider your appeal.

    Step 6: The RAC will write to you to inform you of their decision (for further information about this, please read the section titled ‘Appeal Results’).

    Step 7: We strongly urge you to start making plans for what you will do in 2018 if your appeal fails and you are denied readmission to UCT. Please do not wait until you know the outcome of your appeal to start planning for 2018 as you may be too late to gain entrance into another institution.

  • Reasons for Appeal

    As mentioned above, it is important that you provide as much context and supporting information as possible to get a full picture of why you struggled academically through the year. Supporting reasons may be, for example: accommodation problems, your financial position, any emotional problems you may have had, any ill health, or family difficulties.

    When the RAC evaluates appeals, members of the committee read the full appeal and are guided in their considerations by three specific questions. These are set out below.  You are advised to draft your appeal in a way that provides information to the RAC accordingly.  

    1. Were there significant events or circumstances, probably mostly beyond the control of the student, which impacted adversely on the student’s academic performance and explain the poor academic performance and were these circumstances well beyond the events or circumstances which happen to most students from time to time?
    2. Is there evidence (letters, documents, etc.) to confirm the events or circumstances, and a clear description of how they affected the student, and does the timing of the events correlate with the poor performance?
    3. Is there evidence that the difficulties have been dealt with, or are being dealt with, or that there are plans in place, so that there is a good chance that the poor performance will not simply repeat itself this year.

    In addition, the committee looks carefully at the academic record, to try to evaluate whether, despite the fails on the record, there may be evidence of progress in key courses which might indicate a potential to complete the degree.

    If you intend appealing to a different faculty to where you were previously registered, you should refer to the relevant Faculty website and electronic Faculty handbooks: to find out what programmes they offer. If you choose to apply to a different Faculty, you must provide a motivation as to why you should be considered for entry into that Faculty.

    You can find the most recent versions of the handbooks here:


  • Help and Advice

    If you need help completing the form, or need advice on changing programmes or Faculties, please contact the relevant people below. Be aware that people may be unavailable due to public and other holidays.


    Contact Person

    E-mail address


    Yolandah Hall


    EDU Commerce

    Yolandah Hall



    Nuraan Hartley


    Health Sciences

    Sandra Munesar



    Brigit Aldersley



    Patricia Phillips



    A/Prof David Gammon



    For additional support and advice (such as career advice, psychological support and advice regarding the RAC process and your rights) you should contact:

    Who to contact



    SRC Representative:

    (RAC process/rights)

    021 650 3537


    Careers Services:

    (Careers advice)

    021 650 2497


    Student Wellness Centre:

    (Psychological support)

    021 650 1017/20


  • RAC Decisions

    The Faculty will send you written confirmation of your RAC outcome. In addition, you can check PeopleSoft on the following dates to see the outcome of your appeal:


    If you do NOT have January exams

    If you DO HAVE January exams


    Thursday 18 January 2018

    Friday 09 February 2018

    EDU Commerce

    Thursday 18 January 2018

    Friday 09 February 2018


    Friday 19 January 2018

    Friday 02 February 2018

    Health Sciences

    Friday 12 January 2018

    Tuesday 23 January 2018


    Friday 02 February 2018

    Friday 09 February 2018


    Friday 12 January 2018

    Wednesday 07 February 2018


    Thursday 18 January 2018

    Friday 02 February 2018

  • Address to which you must send your appeal

    E-mail: rac-records@uct.ac.za

    Hand deliver to:

    Student Records Office
    Room 4.18, Level 4
    Masingene Building
    Cross Campus Road
    Middle Campus

    Fax to: 021 650 5714

    Post to:

    The Secretary, Readmission Appeals Committee
    Student Records Office
    University of Cape Town
    Private Bag X3

    Telephone: 021 650 3595

  • Final dates for appeals

    RENN – Thursday 04 January 2018 by 12h00

    SUPP – Friday 12 January 2018 by 12h00

    The RAC may decline to consider applications submitted late.


  • Checklist

    This checklist is to aid you in the completion of your appeal form.

    • Have you completed your appeal form?
    • (Undergraduate only) If you are applying to another faculty, did you motivate?
    • If you ticked that you are appealing to another faculty, have you contacted the Faculty Office concerned? Has supporting documentation (if relevant and/or including a motivation) been attached?
    • If you are appealing to transfer to another qualification have you checked that you would meet the current entrance requirements of that qualification? If not, the RAC cannot make an admissions decision.
    • Is your appeal clearly written and does it include all relevant evidence to support the reason(s) for your poor performance? Remember that all information submitted to the RAC remains confidential, and withholding vital information will jeopardise your appeal.
    • (Undergraduate only) If you are appealing/applying to the Humanities and/or Commerce Faculties, have you included a completed curriculum plan?
    • If you do not want an SRC nominee on the RAC to hear your appeal, have you ticked NO on page one of the form?