Refund policy

Pro-rated refund calculations apply to all US loan recipients who are a registered student of UCT and withdrew within 60% of the academic period.

If UCT is required to pay money, on your behalf, back to the US Department of Education as a result of your early withdrawal, you will be required to repay that money to UCT as well as immediately settle any outstanding fees.

Unearned Direct Loan funds

For students who earned or has been awarded US federal aid before withdrawing from the university and are eligible for a refund of fees paid for that period of enrolment, a determination, by using a specific formula, must be made as to whether any of the refund money must be returned to the US Federal Aid program. All funds must be returned within 45 days of the date when UCT determined the student withdrew. If a student was awarded less funding than the amount earned, the student may be able to receive those additional funds. If a student received more funds than was earned, the excess funds must be returned by the student or UCT. The amount of funds earned is determined on a pro-rata basis. For graduate/professional students, once 60% of the period of enrollment has been completed, all the funds that the student was scheduled to receive for that period is considered to be earned and the student is due a post-withdrawal disbursement. The graduate student may choose to decline the additional funds due, so that additional debt is not incurred.

If it is determined that unearned funds must be returned, the distribution of funds will be as follows:

  • Direct Unsubsidized
  • Direct Subsidized
  • Direct Plus

The requirement for the returning of federal aid when a student withdraws is separate from any refund policy that UCT may have. Therefore the student may still owe funds to the school to cover unpaid institutional charges. UCT may also attempt to collect from the student any US federal aid funds that the school is required to return. The student may be liable for immediate settlement of any outstanding fees with UCT, when US federal aid funds have been returned to the US Department of Education.

Cancellation of Registration: Form ACA08 (cancellation of registration form to be completed).

The date of submission of this form to the Faculty Office is taken as the date of cancellation. Failure to do so will render you liable for full fees. Retrospective cancellations will not be processed, nor will cancellations be "back-dated".

A course fee reduction is dependent upon the date of withdrawal.

If notice is received before:

  1. Whole year courses starting in March
    17 March 2017: 100% adjustment
    18 August 2017: 50% adjustment

  2. First semester courses starting in March
    17 March 2017: 100% adjustment
    31 March 2017: 50% adjustment

  3. Second semester courses starting in August
    18 August 2017: 100% adjustment
    1 September 2017: 50% adjustemnt

A reduction on the International Term Fee (ITF), may be considered in special circumstances, depending on the date of cancellation.

  1. If a first semester registration is cancelled before:
    13 March 2017: 100% adjustment
    before 14 August 2017: 50% adjustment

  2. Students registering in the second semester who cancel/withdraw:
    before 14 August 2017: 100% adjustment
    after 14 August 2017: 0% adjustment

The R3,275 International Admin Fee is non-refundable.

Leave of absence

UCT Senate may grant a student leave of absence for a specified period but our institution's LOA does not meet the criteria for an "Approved Leave of Absence" under the US regulations. Your enrolment status will therefore change to withdrawn, effective from the date the student began the LOA which may have implications for grace and/or repayment obligations. US federal aid may have to be returned and any outstanding fees immediately settled by the student.

A student who is granted a LOA will be entitled to a fee rebate depending on the date and period for which the LOA is granted. This could reduce the outstanding fee to be settled by the student.

If LOA is granted before the following date for the remainder of the academic year:

  1. Whole year courses starting in March
    17 Mar 2017: 100% adjustment
    05 May 2017: 75% adjustment
    18 Aug 2017: 50% adjustment
    29 Sept 2017: 25% adjustment

  2. First semester courses starting in February
    17 Mar 2017: 100% adjustment
    05 May 2017: 50% adjustment

  3. Second semester courses starting in Aug
    18 Aug 2017: 100% adjustment
    29 Sept 2017: 50% adjustment