Postgraduate degree funding


The Blue Desk is located opposite the main entrance to the Postgraduate Centre. This is a visible, dedicated service that provides a one-stop information service for all matters relating to the postgraduate and postdoctoral sectors.

The Blue Desk Information Service offers you:

  • A central point of contact for your enquiries about any aspect of postgraduate and postdoctoral affairs.
  • A broad range of information. If we cannot answer your enquiry or resolve your problem, we will refer you directly to the person who can.
  • Directions (and a map) to all areas on campus.
  • Information on services and facilities available at UCT.
  • Information and advice on getting the most out of the Postgraduate Centre and its facilities, specifically the available space for meetings and seminars.
  • Information on funding and other opportunities.
  • Information and advice on the Postdoctoral Research Fellows Association.
  • Copies of UCT student and/or PDRF publications, e.g. the A-Z Guides, the Funding.
  • Booklet, faculty postgraduate booklets, maps, etc.
  • Help with PeopleSoft and Vula (UCT's online systems/resources).

The Postgraduate Centre

The University's Postgraduate Centre is located on the upper campus on the upper level of the Otto Beit Building, adjacent to the Postgraduate Funding Office. This Heritage Site has been extensively renovated to provide an attractive and comfortable space where master's and doctoral students, as well as Postdoctoral Research Fellows at UCT, meet, use the Internet stations, read and hold seminars.

Computer facilities Reading facilities
Computer facilities Reading facilities

A private, peaceful space, the UCT Postgraduate Centre has been created that can be used as a forum for large or small discussions, to accommodate and encourage inter-departmental and inter-faculty communication and association, or just to relax, read or surf the net.

The Centre offers:

  • a fully equipped seminar room (the TB Davie Seminar Room), with digital and overhead projectors, whiteboards, flip-charts and chairs and tables for up to 45 people. It can be used for seminars, conferences, training courses, etc. There is no charge to PDRFs or master's and doctoral students for the use of the room or equipment.
  • a reading room (the Mandela Rhodes Room) with comfortable chairs and reading materials (including the Mail & Guardian and Business Day newspapers, Time and the Economist magazines, and other miscellaneous materials). There are also tables at which one can work, as well as 10 computer work-stations, complete with Internet access and Microsoft Windows XP. (Regretfully we do not have the facilities to offer printing, so it is necessary to bring your own discs.)

The services offered by the Postgraduate Centre promote the interests of the students in synergy with faculty and departmental facilities and services.