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Doctoral candidates


The Doctoral Degrees Board is responsible for all supervised doctoral degrees as well as for the senior doctorates by published works.

For more information on applications regarding doctoral degrees please contact the relevant faculty:

Engineering & the Built Environment
Health Sciences

Candidates for the PhD may qualify for admission if they have:

  • a master's degree
  • an honours degree, or a four-year bachelor's degree, plus at least one year's registration for the master's degree
  • a three year bachelor's degree plus at least two years registration for a master's degree

Please see General Rules for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy for more information.

Formal application for admission is made through the relevant faculty. Candidates are registered provisionally until their research proposals have been formally approved by the Doctoral Degrees Board.

Students registering for the PhD degree will be formally allocated a supervisor, who is responsible for giving guidance.

Please see Guidelines for the Information and Use of PhD Candidates and Supervisors for more information.


Please contact the Student Fees Office for any fee-related queries.

Period of registration

Minimum period of registration

Candidates must be registered for at least two consecutive years, although registration for a year at another university may be accepted as part of that period.

Maximum period of registration

Although no maximum period of time is prescribed for completing a thesis, the university stipulates a "reasonable time", which is generally taken to be five years.

If a candidate is not making satisfactory progress, a faculty's Higher Degrees Committee may issue a warning, and, if necessary, may refuse re-registration.