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Accessible bus

The Jammie Shuttle bus service is available free to all UCT staff and students. A fleet of 26 buses operates between residences, all UCT campuses and some public bus, train and parking facilities. The Disability Service was been involved in ensuring full access for UCT staff and students with disabilities.

Accessible bus Kenneth Gadudu and bus driver Ronny Owies
  Kenneth Gadudu is assisted into the bus by Ronny Owies, Shuttle driver

The fleet has been modified to meet the needs of people with a variety of disabilities and has been very successful. A separate accessible bus meets the needs of students and staff who cannot gain access to the Jammie buses via stairs.

The philosophical disadvantage of having a 'special' service rather than integrating all staff and students into the mainstream service (a decision taken due to cost factors) is offset by the flexibility of having a more focussed service for wheelchair users. This bus is able to pick students up directly outside their residences and take them to the door of the building they need to go to.