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Varsity Newspaper

VARSITY is the official student-run news source at UCT. Established in 1942, VARSITY has grown into a creative and multimedia developmental agency.  VARSITY produces new content every Tuesday, alternating between their print newspaper and website. Their online presence spans across various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

VARSITY content prioritizes issues affecting the UCT community and strives to represent the student voice accurately. The Collective takes pride in being an accountability mechanism for UCT students. VARSITY has become the go-to news source for students who want on-the-ground reporting. The Opinions, Features and Lifestyle & Fitness sections provide diversity to VARSITY content and gives students the opportunity to engage with public discourse.

Members of the VARSITY Collective are all UCT students who have chosen to be part of the team on a voluntary basis. Students are encouraged to contribute articles regularly, or on an ad hoc basis. Collective members are able to develop their journalistic and creative skills. Students can also be involved in the operation of VARSITY in areas like advertising, marketing, finance, operations and HR.

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